Alpha Cash – Registration Process

Dear Partners,

Alpha Cash has officially launched the Beta phase today, on the 19th August 2017. Since the website will be in Russian only during the Beta phase, I’ve decided to create a step by step manual to help you registering and creating your first deposit.

1. Step: Use Google Translate if you don’t speak Russian


Using Google Chrome you can right-click on the website and choose “Translate to English” or any other languages you speak.


2. Step: Click the registration button


You will find it in the upper right corner.


3. Step: Enter your registration data


Please enter your real data since you will need to go through a verification process in order to be able to make withdrawals.

Enter your phone number. Your confirmation code will be send to you by SMS. If you don’t get a SMS, you have the option to request an e-mail.

Enter you personal registration code that you will receive from your upline. If you don’t have an upline please contact: Skype: limbix80, Telegram @limbix

You have to tick all free boxes before the Sign Up button will become clickable.

4. Step: Enter your confirmation code


You will receive your 5-digit confirmation by SMS or e-mail.

5. Step: You will receive your login data


You will receive an e-mail with your login details as well as your personal registration code that you can use to invite partners.

6. Step: Login


You can log in with your e-mail or phone number. Please use your 8-digit password that you’ve received by e-mail or SMS.

7. Step: Your back office


Multilock = Multi-wallet (bad translation)

As of today you will be able to invest in USD (Advanced Cash), BTC and ETH. LTC, XMR and LTC will be implemented at a later stage.

8. Step: Refill your balance


Multitool = Multi-wallet (bad translation)

Choose the currency you would like to invest. Click “Recharge” and “Refill” after you’ve entered the amount.

9. Step: Make deposit


It will take 6 confirmations until your money will appear on your balance. Once this has happened, click “Create a new portfolio”.

To help ypu navigate through the backoffice, I have created a short video:


I hope my instruction was helpful. If you still need assistance, please join the English Alpha Cash Telegram chat:

Happy earnings!



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