Alpha Cash – Registration

Dear Partners,

I have great news for you! The Alpha Cash  website was launched:

During the beta test phase it will remain in Russian language. The beta test phase is likely to take around 6 weeks.

Partners that are not capable of that language can use Google Translate until the English version will be available.

In oder to register you will need a personal registration code. You will receive that code from your upline. Once you have registered, you will receive your own registration code that you can use to invite partners.

Important note: It is not allowed to make your code publicly available. Codes that will be found online, will be disabled and you will no longer be able to invite partners.

This measure will make sure that every partner will receive an individual consultation before making an investment decision. The goal is to have no investors that are not being supported properly by their uplines. Unfortunately that’s the case in many other MLM companies.

That’s a real differentiating factor that no other company offers today.

Pleas ask your upline for your personal registration code.

If you have no upline yet and wish to receive a professional consultation and a registration code, please use one of the following contacts:

Skype: limbix80

Telegram: @limbix


Join the official English speaking Telegram chat:

If you din’t speak Russian, please check the following step by step instruction to register:


Best regards,


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