Iseiko – Japanese Crypto Questra?

Dear partners,

I’m enjoying my time on a sunny resort, far away from my computer. And I just received a Telegram message from a Kazakh partner. He showed me a new business opportunity. I tempted to refuse because of my summer break. But I couldn’t resist to have a quick look. The concept of iSeiko appeared pretty creative to me. That’s why I decided to share that with you.

iSeiko is registered in Japan and offers 9 different investment options:



The portfolio sizes might appear familiar to some of you. Just the names of the portfolio packages are different from Questra portfolio names.

You can pay with ADvCash, Payeer, Bitcoin, OK-Pay, xapo, AsiaPay, Payza and Klick&Pay.

Withdrawals can be requested beginning with 10 USD and will be processed within 3 to 7 business days.

It also offers a very attractive affiliate program:


To get your award for a new rank, your strongest partner can only contribute with 50% to your team turnover needed for that rank.

I’ve decided to join with the trader package. That costs 2.430 € and will get me 287% after 365 days.

Bildschirmfoto 2017-09-07 um 20.26.20

I will receive 5.5% weekly. After 20 weeks I will have reached the Break Even. The following 32 weeks will get me pure profit.

My payouts normally take 3-4 business days. This is one of the payment proofs:

Bildschirmfoto 2017-09-07 um 20.28.53

I’ve made a short video to help you familarize yourself with iSeiko:



In order to register, please use the following link:

Happy earnings!






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