Resonance Capital Group – New Questra?

Dear Partners,

are you looking for new Questra alternatives? I believe I can help here.

Resonance Capital Group

That project was officially launched on 2nd March 2017. Ever since many rumours and speculations are floating around. Is this the new Questra? I let you judge. Here are the investment portfolios:


You probably cannot tell by the first look. But there is lot of intelligence built into that. That portfolio is built to last. Profits are not aggressive. That allows longer lifetime.

The most interesting part is the availability of portfolios. And this is lifetime availability. You can buy the Bronze package just twice in lifetime. That motivates investors to consolidate their investments and handle the quotas very carefully.

Payment Terms

Right now you can pay with:


-Advanced Cash



-Bitcoin and

-Bank Transfer

Minimum replenishment is 5 USD. Minimum payout is 5 USD. For bank transfer it is 500 USD / 1000 USD.

Feel free to register clicking on the banner below and tell me how you like the website.

Have fun!



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