How to analyze HYIPs? – case study

The HYIP industry is going through difficult times. Nowadays, it’s not easy to find a reliable project with a decent lifetime. Whereas a few years ago a decent lifetime was considered 6-12 months, today it rarely goes beyond 3-6 months. The industry is full of fast scammers. That’s why it’s important to consider all aspects when making investment decisions

I’m a big fan of fact based decisions. I would rather analyze all data points available than simply trust the marketing story. Using the example of I would like to show you how projects can be analyzed in an easy and simple way. This is not to promote This is just to use that project as a case study.


Web Design

Nowadays every little fast scammer can afford a fancy web design. There are many suppliers of web templates like that would offer you a pretty fancy design for little money.

Well, admins definitely didn’t use a template. The web design is very appealing and unique. There are a lot of animated elements and some modern nice to listen to music in the background.

It appears that the admin invested some time and thoughts in the project. The rather disappointing part is translations. The German translation reads like a Google translation. Russian translation is pretty good. No wonder, Russian speaking are the main focus group.


Technical Details

A close look at the technical details of the website will also tell you a lot about the investment made by the admin.

Domain for one year (registered 2nd June 2016)

Server — IP (2 other sites on the same IP)

DDOS protection CloudFlare

Script — website + bot on telegram app;

Registrator of domain: NameChaep.INC .

ssl sertificate from COMODO

The technical standards seem decent. But here is the fanciest part: All communication and investments will be managed via the Telegram messenger designed by Pavel Durov. You download the messenger, you connect with and talk to her. She also has a pretty good sense of humor. She would make fun of you if you invest only 100$, saying something like: Was it worth the effort?


Marketing Story

Normally HYIPs would pretend being involved in businesses that people perceive as highly profitable. It can be crypto currencies, real time bidding, diamonds or future technologies. Well, Lara’s story is very unique. Lara is a bot that you can take with you everywhere. She would use new technologies to analyze the high yield markets to create a very profitable investment portfolio that allow 3% daily profits for a lifetime. Well, we all know that this is a bunch BS. Sorry for my language. After all, what is lifetime in HYIP terms? Nevertheless, someone sat down and spend some quality time to think about the story.

Also the promotional video seems to be no standard video that you can buy for a couple of hundred bucks.


HYIP monitors

In one of my earlier posts I mentioned that HYIP monitors are useless. Well, two of them can be pretty useful.

That monitor tracks all investments made via monitors that publish their data online. Well, you can claim, that does not represent the total investment volume. That’s true. But all projects are measured with the same methodology. That allows a fair comparability. If all of the sudden a project appears top of the list with high volumes, probably it’s a good time to have a closer look at it. If volumes drop again, it’s time to get your money and run.

If an admin buys a VIP status, no statistics will be shown for his project. But would take the nervousness from the investor and protects the admin from the hit and run mentality in case investment volumes drop. enjoys a VIP status. is also the first project that is allowed to place its icon above the ranking. There is a huge banner top of the site as well. That appears to be quite an investment in advertising.


Another indicator for the advertising investment made is the number of monitors promoting the project. would be show an overview of all monitors has paid for promotion. 15 appears pretty few to me. However, it seems that just works with the most popular. It is also important to increase advertising effort over time. But hold your horses, more details are to come on advertising.


Please note: if you see the status “problem” from one of the monitors, stop investments immediately!


SimilarWeb and Alexa

Both websites would tell you how popular the projects are and what the main target group is.

If a project shows many visitors for many months, you will be better off staying away from it. started in June. The number of visitors is growing aggressively. That proves decent investments in advertising.

Why would you want to know where Lara investors are from? Well, in one of my earlier posts I explained why seasonality plays such a big role. It’s quite risky to invest shortly before Christmas and Easter, but also during summertime. Attention, that’s a test for intercultural educated amongst you. Please have a look at the snapshot below and tell me which Easter and which Christmas I mean? Of course, the orthodox.



Similar Projects

For the experienced amongst you, I recommend to think back and try to remember if there were similar projects like this in the past.

One of the most legendary projects this year was Venture Alliance. Its marketing was similar: 2,5% for lifetime. That project lived for 7 months. So you probably could expect a similar lifetime from However, Lara offers higher profits. But will it become as legendary as Venture Alliance?

Often, legendary admins create sub projects that are fast scammers to support the main project. I’m pretty sure that was the case with Venture, but also ForexKing and Amazing5. That’s the only explanation for lifetimes like that.




Advertising budgets represent a fair chunk of the entire budget. We have seen that spends quite some money for advertising. Monitors are certainly the biggest advertising platform. But also forums.

We learned that Russia and Ukraine are the main target countries. That’s why it makes sense to check the most popular Russian speaking investment forum to see how actively Lara is being promoted.

That’s the thread:

This is where monitors are posting their payout reports to keep the project top of the list in the HYIP section. The Lara thread just had 51 pages by the time I was writing this post. That’s weak. I saw fast scam projects from Vietnam with more than 300 pages after a month. That would confirm the theory that Lara started working with a few monitors and will increase the advertising efforts over time.

Advertising has to be done in a smart way. The math behind HYIPs is pretty easy. The volume invested by new investors has to exceed the funds needed to make payouts to all existing investors. Therefore a constant growth of new investors is key. The biggest lever here is advertising.




Someone created a very unique project with That certainly would support longer lifetime as there must be an emotional connection between the admin and the project. However, you never know if a business is metric driven or emotionally driven. The admin might be very ambitious and might want to go down in history as a HYIP legend. But he also might be collecting money for a big private investment.

We can only judge based on what we can analyze. And I bet you are thrilled to learn about my forecast for the project.

Considering all the efforts, the creativity, the advertising budget involved I would think that Lara will make it through autumn. December is really challenging for HYIPs. The good thing is: after 33 days you are break even and could care less if it’s November or December.


But again, this post is not meant to promote Lara. This post is meant to explain one way of analyzing a project.



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